Thinking Of Moving In or Out of New Jersey? One Group Is Making Sure The Moving Companies Don’t Put The Moves On You

Moving, it’s an exciting yet nerve-wracking process, and with every thrilling new horizon comes the chance for something to go horribly wrong. Like the glass cabinets and dining sets carefully packed away in a cardboard box, your situation is fragile. Your whole life, everything you’ve earned and created for yourself, is packed up and handed over to a team of burly movers.

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So how can you be certain that the moving company you are dealing with, is qualified and trustworthy? How can you be certain that the charges, methods, and licenses of your respective moving company are all in order? For all of these concerns, you can rely on the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs for verification.

In the state of New Jersey, all movers must file a “tariff” with the Division of Consumer Affairs, which verifies the charges, terms, and services offered by each moving company. The Division of Consumer Affairs then oversees and regulates all intrastate moves, and can be called upon to hold the moving companies responsible for following their tariffs.

So, if you feel that the moving company that you’ve hired might be trying to scam or take advantage of you in any way, it is well within your rights to reach out to the Division of Consumer Affairs and inquire about the details of that company’s tariff.

So, what specific information is contained within these tariffs? Each tariff details, in a variety of ways, the published policies, and charges of every licensed intrastate moving company in the state of New Jersey. For example, a company’s tariff will detail not only the company’s rate but also the nature of how that rate is applied. Meaning that the company will specify within their tariff whether they charge by the hour, mile, or a flat fee. This means that the Division of Consumer Affairs not only regulates movers over their prices and policies but also how these are carried out and applied.

Another way the Division of Consumer Affairs might be of use to you is to verify the machine licenses and labor policies of your respective moving company. If your movers plan to use a particular piece of machinery during your move, you’ll want to make sure that they are licensed to use it and are liable for any damage that might accidentally be caused by the operation of that machine. Essentially, verifying the machine licenses of your moving company ensures that all machinery is used correctly, legally, and at the liability of the movers. Similarly, you’ll want to verify the labor policies of your moving company in case any incident occurs concerning one of the company’s employees. For example, if a mover were injured on your property while moving an item that you own, you’ll want to be confident that the moving company has the proper policies in place to ensure that you won’t be personally liable for any of those damages.

In essence, The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is your one-stop shop to learn everything you need to know about a moving company’s policies and qualifications.

What’s more? If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hold the moving company to their published policies, the Division of Consumer Affairs has the tools required for that sort of enforcement. Moving isn’t something you have to go through alone, The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is here to guide and assist you through the entire process, and ensure that no one takes advantage of you and your family.